RAD Metal Art

Custom metal art created with a love and passion for all things metal and cars.

About Me



Handmade and custom pistons.  You can chose one from the catalog or message me with ideas for a custom order!

Metal Art

Not every piece has a piston in it. Some of them I create with other car parts. 


Custom wagons built from old wagons and wheelbarrows. 

If ya’ll are interested in supporting local talent that are really doin’ incredible, creative things, check out Donny Connelly with Rad Metal Art. I found him at Denios Auction. Super friendly dude with an obvious passion for what he does. I bought Pistol Pete the Piston (I named him that. Lol!) and both Pistol and I couldn’t be happier. We’re on our way home now to blow s**t up! Thanks Donny!

Brandon R.